History – Bennett-Ross, Inc. – About Bill

Bill founded Bennett-Ross, Inc. at age 20, to act as a platform to create content, technology, and design and install technical systems to support content, as well as provide broadcast engineering services.

He’s an agile executive leader and entrepreneur able to manage and innovate across multiple, disparate sectors of media & technology and Olympic-scale broadcast venue planning & management, offering creative multidisciplinary oversight and production services across experiential media, video, exhibits, online, interactive content, television & radio broadcast, retail and e- commerce, sports & event production, business development and education.

Bill maintains his availability as a freelance videographer, producer & director, production planner & manager, broadcast technical services provider, and consultant where his bonafides apply.

His experience as leader across teams as large as 49 people during the Olympics, to managing wide-ranging vendors, organizations and departments key to various projects, has proven Bill to be adept at building, motivating and coordinating disparate teams to move things forward and deliver, with quality and customer service at the forefront.

Bill has served as an executive producer at home shopping giant QVC (where he was Director, Business Development), while he also conceived and launched new forms of interactive television and video-on-demand products and oversaw design and operations of audio / visual systems for public tours and facilities applications there.