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Emergency Responder / Firefighter / Rescuer

In 2006 Bill became a volunteer firefighter & rescuer, and with over 300 hours of classroom, practical training and certifications, has been learning and growing his competencies in order to help protect people, property, and the quality of life.

Some examples:

Tower Technical Rescue Training:

Suppression Training (vehicle fire):

His Certified Training Includes :

* Hazardous Materials Operations
* Hazardous Materials Awareness
* Emergency Vehicle Operations
* Emergency Vehicle Driver Training
* Pump Operations I (x2)
* Tower Rescue Technician
* Ropes Rescue I
* Ropes Rescue II
* Structural Fire Rescue
* Basic Vehicle Rescue
* CPR & Heartsaver First Aid
* Firefighting Essentials:

Fireground Support
Exterior Firefighter
Interior Firefighter