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Published Works

Bennett-Ross, Inc. believes in giving back — including sharing non-proprietary knowledge gained in the course of conducting its business. Here are some examples.

Further, Bill Bennett has also authored numerous position papers, art & ads, proposals, operational and procedural manuals, and contracts.

Articles Authored by Bill Bennett

2011 – 2012

Steel City Robotics Alliance:
Marketing and Media for FIRST Robotics Teams – December 2012

Society of Broadcast Engineers, Chapter 20 / Pittsburgh:
Newsletter – “Gary Stewart Retiring” – June 2012
Newsletter – “New Chapter Secretary” intro and “Provoking Thought” – May 2011
Newsletter – “Growing Access to News that Matters” – September 2011


Radio World, 11/23/2005:
Off the Analog Copper, Onto Ethernet

Trail Rider, Oct. 2005:
Brandywine Enduro Riders’ Rattlesnake Enduro Race Report


Radio World, 8/21/1996:
99x Goes The Distance With Olympic Remote (
page 1 page 2)

Radio World, 6/26/1996:
Olympic Effort for Broadcasters (page 1, page 2)

TV Technology (Television Broadcast), 9/27/1996:
World Listens to AOB Commentary (
cover page only, page 1)

Detroit Film & Video, 4/1990:
Lasers: Dynamic Applications In Film, Video, and Business Theatre Productions
cover page only, page 1, page 2)

The Ile Camera, 1/17/1997:
On The Net

The Ile Camera, 4/4/1997:
On The Net

An article about Bennett-Ross, Inc.’s laser services

Crain’s Detroit Business, 11/20/1999:
Grosse Ile Firm Hopes Lasers Light Up Sales

Select print or collateral created by Bill Bennett

BER Hare Scrambles print ad – 2006
BER Enduro print ad – 2006