History – Bennett-Ross, Inc. – Technology


Technology is at the heart of all we do — after the Customer and the message, of course. Though we prefer to focus more on the content and business development perspectives of our professional relationships, sometimes you just have to build something yourself.

Bennett-Ross, Inc. (via Bill Bennett) has designed, constructed and integrated many different electronic control, display and related systems over the years. Some include:

  • Remote temperature and data monitoring systems for Web display
  • Stereo 8′ high red & green, calibrated VU meters
  • Full-color dual-head laser display projection & image gen systems (5 watts +)
  • SCR-controlled lighting sequencer & controller
  • RF-controlled robotic pan / tilt laser bounce mirrors

From a technology integration standpoint, Bennett-Ross, Inc. has previously designed and installed a variety of telecom, data, video, RF and security systems for commercial and residential clients and has served as consultant to high-end residential media systems designs.

As an executive at QVC, Inc., Bill further directed the design, integration and content development for ~ $3 Million facilities projects for experiential branding, productivity and themed tours including Automated audio / video / lighting and exhibits, international videoconferencing, and national remote media management architecture

Bill also has experience in programming in HTML, JavaScript, C+, BASIC, Pascal, ROBOTC and LabVIEW

Below are a couple examples of Bennett-Ross, Inc. technology…

Control surfaces and control boards designed & built by Bill:


Laser Display (studio shot):